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Opinion: August 1, 2018

Plus letters to the editor

Editor's Note

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After reading this week’s cover story, GT’s managing editor Maria Grusauskas texted me this about Patti Maxine: “There are so few female lap steel guitarists that I actually can’t find many living. I’m sure there are, but when you google players, it’s almost entirely men in the results. It just makes her that much cooler that she’s been in such a male-dominated space.”

I love this observation, and I also kind of love the fact that it doesn’t even come up in Aaron Carnes’ cover story about Maxine this week. She’s such a force unto herself, such a widely recognized treasure of the local music scene, that it seems strange to talk about her in the context of anything but her own unique personality, presence and talent. And yet, it’s worth noting that as a lap steel player whose popularity seems to only be increasing in her 70s, she is defying a lot of music norms, not only in terms of gender, but also the age bias that so many women in music have spoken out about.

One other note: after Carnes wrote this story (and after our photographer Keana Parker took the photos for it), Maxine cut her famously striking hair. It is, however, no less striking.

Also this week, we got an interesting inquiry from Boulder Creek’s Jim Balkanloo, who’s kicking off an ultra-grassroots campaign this week called #NoAmazonAugust, in an attempt to get everyone thinking about shopping local. Can you go without Prime for a month? Read the story in our news section, and let us know what you think of this anti-Amazon push.


Letters to the Editor

Re: “Current Location” (GT, 7/25 ) 

If the goal of the article on Keri Waters and Buoy was to show how tech startups are taking root in Santa Cruz, then bravo, the article hit its point.  But what I didn’t get were any specifics about the value this company adds; it feels like another random “what if … ?” tech startup with little real-world added value. The Santa Cruz Water District should be monitoring water usage and giving good options to limit our local consumption as well as rectifying leaks. I’m not sure about the incentive for paying $205.88 a year (+ a minimum $299 installation fee) to monitor my water by smart phone, when I can get a monthly total usage from municipal utilities. I note also that “personally” taking “an interest in related data privacy and security groups” does not mean your data won’t be for sale on the digital marketplace—data that, to my knowledge, isn’t regularly sold by our SCWD.

  1. Bloom

Santa Cruz

Re: Dog Parks

I just saw that Frederick Street Park was voted best dog park in Santa Cruz. There’s a wonderful picture of a happy dog above five facts about the park. Unfortunately, only two of those facts are correct. Yes, there are nine off-leash dog areas in Santa Cruz, but no, there is no oceanside view of the harbor from the dog park. It’s close by and easy to reach, but is separate and not visible. The water fountains onsite might be distinguished by a single spigot. Fountains (plural), no. I would also think twice about human consumption. There are three or four buckets that usually get filled on a frequent or not basis that give the dogs their hydration. The area is fenced in and is safe for the dogs. Lastly, don’t forget your poop bag! Usually the boxes containing bags are empty because too many people forget their poop bags! That results in too much poop not being picked up at the dog park. That’s a common element that is not so widely advertised.  


Re: Areperia 831

I am so excited to see a person < a woman < a woman of color < a woman of color entrepreneur boldly bringing peace and love, compassion and joy, connection and freedom through nourishing, ethnically diverse, creative and fearless food. I am so grateful for Georgia Johnson for taking the time to bring this story to the community at large, and I am thrilled in the sense of fun and inspiration it lights up in me and I trust countless others. Thank you!

Tiffany Worthington

Re: Spektrum

I have experienced a good amount of performance art, but never anything like this. It’s as if the art was observing you, rather than the other way around. It was intensely personal. Still processing…

— Don

Loved it. I sent out many of those “you must go see this” emails.

— Dee

Re: Business Closures

Everybody in the county still working two and three jobs just so Santa Cruz’s endemic slumlords don’t have to work one.

I still don’t know anyone who’s had a worse time with the homeless than with the owning class that we’re propping up in SC (or SF, or NY, or wherever they live off our dollar these days).

— SC Expat

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