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Opinion November 29, 2017

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Andy Weir seems to have the kind of fairy-tale story of which every aspiring author dreams. In fact, when you read in Steve Kettmann’s cover story about how Weir’s success unfolded—spoiler alert, he starts off with a blog and ends up with a hit movie based on his book—the first word that might come to mind is lucky.

Certainly, Weir, who’ll you’ll discover in Kettmann’s story to be as self-deprecating as they come, would agree with you.

But how much of his story really was luck? Kettmann takes a closer look at Weir’s writing in The Martian and his new novel Artemis—which he’ll be in Santa Cruz this week to talk about—to explain the real secrets of Weir’s success. That’s my favorite thing about this story—as much as we all marvel at the idea of a lottery-winner-type triumph, the story behind that story about how a self-made artist blazes his or her own path is even more interesting—and important.

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