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Editor's Note

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Last weekend, I guest-hosted KPIG’s live music show “Please Stand By,” and one of the guests was Ian Harris, the Santa Cruz native who’s taping a comedy special Sunday at the Rio as part of the Santa Cruz Comedy Festival (here’s my story on the SCCF). Harris is known for a defiant brand of comedy that takes a skeptical perspective on anything that could be remotely considered pseudoscience. In the course of conversation, it came up that Harris’ mom has been helping to promote his show, putting up fliers and even telling KPIG’s Mark Moody not to forget to mention the show on the air. “Oh yeah, my mom’s great,” said Harris. And what does she do, you might ask? “She’s a psychic,” said Harris.

I love that Santa Cruz has room for both a mom who’s a psychic (technically she calls herself an “intuitive,” Harris says) and her son, whose comedy is devoted to debunking things like psychic powers. And I love even more that his mom is out there supporting his career.

It reminds me of how diverse, deep and sometimes downright strange the Santa Cruz experience can be. I think that’s also reflected in Santa Cruz Restaurant Week, about which you can find out everything you need to know in this week’s issue. One thing I most enjoy hearing about Restaurant Week is how local restaurateurs feel that it brings in diners who’ve never sat down at their table before—and who may even become regulars—and many owners and chefs testified to that while we were putting together this issue. I particularly loved the story about the group whose goal is to get to every restaurant in SCRW over the course of the week. They didn’t quite get them all in last year, but they’re back this year to try again. Hope you will be, too!

We’re also doing a special photo contest for this week: take a pic while you’re out at SCRW and send us the result by next Monday. We’ll run the best one on the letters page next week.


Letters to the Editor

Not In Bernie’s Name

A small group of activists have claimed the name “Santa Cruz for Bernie” and are using the local Bernie email list. This does not equate with an endorsement by Bernie or by the thousands of local Bernie supporters.  

This group’s “platform” does not represent the views of most of us who supported Bernie, as we were not even included in their process.

So, when you see Bernie’s name on the campaign literature for “the brand new city council,” remember it’s just smoke and mirrors. They represent a small group.

Many local Bernie supporters are actively working for candidates who truly embrace his integrity and vision and who don’t resort to deceptive strategies to obtain votes.  

The use of Bernie’s name by a small group to advance their agenda is unethical and disrespectful to Sen. Sanders.

Linda Proctor, RN, CNM (retired)

Santa Cruz

No on Retro

Your [Local Talk] question of 8/24—how to make Santa Cruz  great again—deserved more than a one-line answer. All of them were wrong. I’ve lived in two Santa Cruzes—the ’60s, and now the Teenies. In the older Santa Cruz, the motto and mood seemed to echo a ubiquitous guru poster: “Be Here Now.” And by and large, people were. Now, people are wanting to be “there then”; to recreate it, with a little Silicon Valley thrown in. People walk the streets with gadgets, walk out of school talking on iPhones rather than face-to-face with each other, longing for a recreation of the good old days of groovy Santa Cruz, trying to “be there then.” It won’t work. Santa Cruz was great because it did not try to be. People were just “here.” The old slogan still works: “be here now.”  The “being” and the “here” are what are important. And the “now” will tell you what to be.

Tony Phillips


Where’s the Fire?

I have the honor of working with special needs students at the Post Secondary School in Aptos. Every day, the students walk to Cabrillo College to attend their classes. Lately, I have been appalled by the drivers who speed down Soquel as if they are rushing to put out a fire.

Just in case the community has forgotten that schools are back in session, I would like to remind and implore everyone to drive as if your child was attending school there.

I would also like to suggest that Santa Cruz County install more radar speed detectors along Soquel.

The speeding cars with these newly arrived students is a disaster waiting to happen.

Anne-Marie Deborah Morton

Santa Cruz

Online Comments

Re: Santa Cruz’s 150th

Really enjoyed your article on Santa Cruz history. I belong to the Santa Cruz Parlor No. 26, Native Daughter of the West. Our Parlor was established March 17, 1888 and we are still a very active group. Our seal was created by Charles M. Madeira, an artist “who tried to depict the great beauty … of California.” This was probably done in late 1888, and I have tried to find out information on this artist. Do you know anything about him, or where I could get information?

I am the quasi-historian of our Parlor.

— Jeanne Thompson

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