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Sometimes I feel like we’re reaching into little pocket dimensions of Santa Cruz for our cover stories. There are so many fascinating people and stories that exist on the fringe of our shared experience, just outside of what we encounter moving through our routines. DNA’s cover story this week is full of them. Probably quite a few people remember the “Neighbor From Hell” story that came out of Aptos in 2009. But how many people knew that a woman at the center of that story, Lara Love Hardin, had turned her life around to the point that she just signed a deal for a TV comedy series based on her memoir? How many locals even know about the Santa Cruz publishing house Idea Architects, which publishes work by esteemed figures such as the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu, that helped her pull herself up, eventually hiring her to ghostwrite bestsellers? It’s a pretty amazing story, and I’m happy that we could bring Hardin’s parallel universe into alignment with the rest of Santa Cruz this week to bring it to you.



Letters to the Editor


[“Great Wet Hope”] mentions residential gallons per person per day water usage, and how low it is, but fails to broach what I’d have to guess is the real culprit with regards to the dire straights of our water reserves: commercial drains, especially the tourist industry’s constantly expanding number hotel beds, and watering holes. What are the facts of that situation please? Do the city’s residents have any recourse?

 John Koster

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