Opinion: What’s So Funny About Vegans?

How comedy can help us with our lifestyle choices

With her husband Helbard, Camilla Alkhassadeh runs Watsonville’s Little Hill Sanctuary, dedicated to rescuing animals fromcruelty. They also co-created Santa Cruz’s VegFest.

Editor's Note

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I am not a vegan myself, but as a longtime vegetarian, I’ve certainly considered it. DNA, who wrote the cover story this week, describes himself as “veganish”—he’s vegan four days a week and vegetarian the other three. I know it’s been an interesting journey for him—this is the guy who put together Santa Cruz’s “Vegan Comedy Show” for several years, after all. Even when he pitched me this story, he started with, “You know how everybody hates vegans?”

Maybe it’s just because I’ve known him for a long time, but I can almost feel him working through his own issues around veganism in this week’s cover story. There’s the personal history he includes, of course, but it’s more than that. His piece is about an interesting trend in the comedy world, as more comics adopt the vegan lifestyle, but it’s also just about letting some of them talk about the experiences and reasoning that brought them to veganism. When thinking about our own lifestyle choices, most of us want to hear what smart, critical thinkers have to say on the subject. And comedians are perfect for this—it’s their job to look at life from a perspective that undermines our assumptions and (excuse the pun) sacred cows, and make us laugh when they do.

OK, I won’t put any more words into DNA’s mouth about his motivation for writing this story; if you want to hear him talk about it himself, you can tune into KSQD tomorrow at 3pm for the Cruz News and Views show, where he’ll be discussing it.


Letters to the Editor



Re: Mountain Internet

Thank you for publishing this article, but the heavy emphasis on the perspective of Cruzio is problematic. The reality for us in the mountains is that we don’t have other options, at least until Starlink is a reality, and Cruzio is unwilling to work with us. They told us that it’s not worth it. It’s not because they care about their customers, we are simply too much hassle. I’ve been a customer of Cruzio for almost 20 years. When internet went down, they didn’t have a problem continuing to charge us. Now we’re simply not important enough, and don’t make them enough money for them to bother.

— Alex G.



Re: Local Cities Mull Millions

Scotts Valley should not get any funding until they start building low-income housing.

We need to make them accountable and start questioning why they don’t have to help with our housing crisis. The “not in my backyard” mentality needs to stop and so does the funding they receive.

Tressa Schaller



Re: Laurie Roberts

Like Chad, Laurie hired me for my first professional radio job out of college in 2002. We connected because we were both Dave Morey fans and Giants fans. While she was my boss, she was a teammate you respected. I appreciate the many opportunities she gave me.

I will miss her.

P.S. I hope Will Clark knows about Laurie’s passing. He was her favorite ball player.

— Michael


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