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Opinion: Reject Anti-Vax Hoaxing

Don’t let unscrupulous extremists hijack local media

Editor's Note

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I don’t know if anyone could have written this week’s cover story except Jacob Pierce. On the face of it, it’s a progress report on the tenure of SCPD Chief Andy Mills, on the four-year anniversary of his hiring this week. 

But Pierce makes himself part of the story too, as he considers some of the most complex issues facing Santa Cruz right now, through the lens of how policing has changed—or not changed—here over the last few years. He brings a wealth of experience to that examination, having not only covered Mills’ work over the last four years, but also reporting on the work of the previous SCPD administration under former Chief Kevin Vogel and retired Deputy Chief Steve Clark. The way he compares and contrasts the stated ideals of the SCPD with the community’s experience of local policing is another great example of how Pierce can bring an unexpected depth of analysis and humanity to a story like this.

One other thing I want to address this week is that several readers have reported finding nutso anti-vax flyers inserted into their Good Times when they pick them up on the racks. They want to know, of course, if we have anything to do with them, and the answer is an emphatic “no freaking way.” We first reported on anti-vax crazies slipping their pamphlets into our papers way back in 2016. Perhaps it’s the price of success, but they’ve continued to try to use GT to gain a legitimacy they don’t have or deserve by illicitly slipping their harmful materials into our papers on the racks. It’s difficult to stop on our end; if you witness anything that would help, please contact us. And whatever you do, get vaccinated!



Letters to the Editor

Re: Bike Share

The problem with allowing ebikes on sidewalks is they are sidewalks. It might be more convenient/safer for the rider, but pedestrians are then put at risk by bikes zipping along at 15mph–very dangerous for anyone exiting a business, or just walking. Significant liability issues.

— Eric Rowland


A good solution would be to have great bike lanes along San Andreas as it is part of the Pacific Bike Trail and has less traffic than Freedom. This would give the program time to develop the resources for Freedom, which really would require major upgrades to make safe. Also, having the bike path end up in the newly developed shopping center at the south end of Watsonville would drive traffic to that end of town. Might be a great way to market this.

— Thomas Voorhees

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