What’s the most annoying thing a guest has done in your home?

Local talk for the week of March 11

Colin Smith's Headshot

Bring their pet to stay. I actually had two. Somebody that brought a dog and somebody that brought a cat, and I am very allergic to both of those things.

Colin Smith
Santa Cruz
Araiah Hargens's Headshot

Walk into the kitchen and open the fridge or cabinets without asking.

Araiah Hargens
Santa Cruz
Pizza Maker
Lauren Owen's Headshot

Unbuckle his safety belt [in the car] and slam it in the door, denting the door several times during his visit.

Lauren Owen
Santa Cruz
Quality Assurance Engineer
Zayah Asborne's Headshot

An Airbnb guest came into our house and said that our coffee press was not good enough. We have had it for 14 years, and she broke it within two days.

Zayah Asborne
Santa Cruz
High School Senior
Isa Edge's Headshot

Take a shower, and then draw pictures with all the hair that fell out.

Isa Edge
Santa Cruz
Deli Head
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