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Best of Santa Cruz County 2017: Health & Recreation

The best health business, fitness instructors, gyms, yoga studios, surf spots and more

'West Cliff Bike Path' by Doug Ross


Best Crossfit

Studio 831

best of santa cruz county 2017 health & recreation - crossfit

Best Crossfit: Studio 831

  • Studio 831 is all about functional fitness. They focus on exercises that improve on and make more enjoyable the things in life you already do.
  • Their CrossFit program can be tailored to everyone from beginners to longtime devotees.
  • In addition to physical exercise, Studio 831 encourages and utilizes a network of strong social support to achieve fitness.
  • They offer nutrition and weight-management counseling in order to take a holistic approach to optimal fitness.
  • Studio 831’s staff pride themselves on having no pre-conceived notions about fitness, allowing clients to guide and acheive what they want from their individual processes. ANDREW STEINGRUBE

Best Pilates

Agile Monkey

best of santa cruz county 2017health & recreation - pilates

Best Pilates: Agile Monkey

  • Agile Monkey offers everything pilates, from individual to group classes, as well as instructor training and continuing education programs.
  • It is family-owned-and-operated, and its 17 instructors often collaborate with other local medical and wellness practitioners.
  • They seek to help clients find their “inner monkey,” which means using pilates to create a sense of freedom and power in the body.
  • Pilates is all about balance: literally during its practice, and figuratively between strength and flexibility, body and mind.
  • Before pilates was known as “pilates,” its inventor Joseph Pilates called it “contrology.” AS

Best Sailing Charter

Chardonnay Sailing Charters

best of santa cruz county 2017 health & recreation - sailing charter

Best Sailing Charter: Chardonnay Sailing Charters

Started in 1984, they have been providing a sailing experience to the public in Santa Cruz for more than three decades.

  • Both their first vessel (Chardonnay I) and their current vessel (Chardonnay II) were designed by celebrated yacht designer Bill Lee, whose nickname is “The Wizard.”
  • Offer charters that (literally) cater to various types of food and drink enthusiasts, with everything from pizza and beer charters to ones that offer champagne and sushi.
  • During April and May, Chardonnay offers whale-watching charters, with a naturalist on board.
  • Private charters are available for occasions as varied as weddings, team-building exercises and straight-up recreation. AS


Best Acupuncture Clinic

Five Branches

best of santa cruz county 2017 health & recreation - acupuncture

Best Acupuncture Clinic: Five Branches

Five Branches offers comprehensive acupuncture that can help with everything from the common cold to sports injuries, and many things in-between.

  • It opened in1984,and was one of the first Traditional Chinese Medicine colleges in the U.S.
  • In the beginning, Five Branches University was a single classroom and one clinic with three treatment rooms and five teachers.
  • Its programs now include two campuses, 38 treatment rooms, and 200 teachers.
  • In addition to acupuncture, Five Branches also offers services such as massage, Chinese herbs, qigong, and nutritional counseling. AS



Acupuncture Clinic

Five Branches University

200 7th Ave., #115, Santa Cruz


RUNNERS-UP Santa Cruz CORE Fitness & Rehab, Flux Acupuncture Lounge


Bike Shop

Bicycle Trip  

1001 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz,


RUNNERS-UP Another Bike Shop, Cycle Works



Dr. Masi Bayless  

543 Frederick St., Santa Cruz, 458-1940

RUNNERS-UP Dr. Duncan McCollum, Dr. Rhodes Walton



Studio 831

2351 Mission St., Santa Cruz, 469-3.959,

RUNNERS-UP Seabright Crossfit, Aptos Crossfit



Kevin Ippisch, DDS

9000 Soquel Ave. #202, Santa Cruz


RUNNERS-UP Karen L. Coslett, DDS, A. Gavin McClure, DDS


Doctor (MD)

Rachel Abrams, MD

740 Front St., Santa Cruz


RUNNERS-UP Bruce Eisendorf, MD, Dean Kashino, MD


Doctor (ND)

Juli Mazi, ND

2840 Park Ave., Ste. A, Soquel, Santa Cruz,


RUNNERS-UP Tonya Fleck, ND; Aimée Gould Shunney, ND



Jennalee Dahlen at Yoso Wellness Spa

720 River St., Suite 5., Santa Cruz,


RUNNERS-UP Mara Charron @ Simply Skin, Veronica Franco @ La Raux Salon


Golf Course


401 Upper Park Road, Santa Cruz,


RUNNERS-UP Pasatiempo, Seascape



Toadal Fitness

113 Lincoln St., Santa Cruz, 423-3764

1200 17th Ave., #108, Santa Cruz, 464-3764

6200 Soquel Drive, Aptos, 475-5979

2929 Mission St. Extension, Santa Cruz, 466-3764

269 Mount Hermon Road, Scotts Valley, 430-9200

RUNNERS-UP In-Shape, Pacific Edge Climbing Gym


Martial Arts

Sanford’s Martial Arts   

4626 Soquel Drive, Soquel,


RUNNERS-UP Kaijin Mixed Martial Arts, Minorsan Self-Defense & Fitness


Medical Marijuana Club

KindPeoples Collective

3600 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz,


RUNNERS-UP CannaCruz, C.H.A.I.


Massage Therapist

Cala Remick  

317 Potrero St., Suite C,Santa Cruz,


RUNNERS-UP Jenny Call, Vital Body Therapy



Jaimi Jansen @ Santa Cruz CORE Fitness


317 Portrero St., Santa Cruz, 425-9500,

RUNNERS-UP Jocelyn Dubin @ Nourish, Healthy Way



Mark Joiner

1773 Dominican Way, Santa Cruz,


RUNNERS-UP John A. Hedrick, North Coast Orthodontics


Outdoor Store

Outdoor World

1440 41st Ave., Capitola, 479-1501

136 River St., Santa Cruz, 423-9555

RUNNERS-UP Down Works, Play It Again Sports


Personal Trainer

Jason Lenington @ Toadal Fitness

RUNNERS-UP John Crites @ World Gym Scotts Valley, Beau Jansen @ Santa Cruz CORE Fitness



Way of Life

1220 41st Ave., Capitola,


RUNNERS-UP New Leaf Community Markets, Staff of Life



Agile Monkey  

121 Walnut Ave., Santa Cruz,


RUNNERS-UP Body in Motion, Pleasure Point Pilates


Running Store

Fleet Feet

26 Rancho Del Mar, Aptos,


RUNNER-UP Santa Cruz Running Company  


Sailing Charter


790 Mariner Park Way, Dock FF, Santa Cruz, 423-1213,

RUNNERS-UP O’Neill Yacht Charters, Pacific Yachting Sailing


Skate Park

Scotts Valley Skypark

361 Kings Village Road, Scotts Valley

RUNNERS-UP Derby Skate Park, Monte Family Skate Park


Skate Shop

Bill’s Wheels

1240 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz,


RUNNERS-UP Boardroom, Skateworks



Helm of Sun Valley

1408 41st Ave., Santa Cruz,


RUNNERS-UP Pacific Wave, Play It Again Sports


Spa (pampering)

Well Within Spa

417 Cedar St., Santa Cruz,


RUNNERS-UP Caress Day Spa, Chaminade    


Spa (soaking)

Well Within Spa

417 Cedar St., Santa Cruz,


RUNNER-UP Tea House Spa


Sporting Goods

Play It Again Sports

4770 Soquel Drive, Soquel,


RUNNER-UP Outdoor World


Stand-up Paddleboard

SUP Shack

2214 E. Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz,


RUNNERS-UP Covewater, Capitola Surf and Paddle


Surf School

Club Ed  

2350 Paul Minnie Ave., Santa Cruz,


RUNNERS-UP Richard Schmidt Surf School, Surf School Santa Cruz


Surf Shop


Multiple Locations

RUNNERS-UP Freeline, Pacific Wave

Surf Spot

Steamer Lane

RUNNERS-UP Cowell, Pleasure Point


Swim School

Adventure Sports

303 Potrero St. #15, Santa Cruz,


RUNNERS-UP Seahorse Swim School, Simpkins Family Swim Center  



Lucie Hemmen

555 Soquel Ave. #280, Santa Cruz,

111 Errett Circle, Santa Cruz


RUNNERS-UP Lena Axelsson, Linda Mastrangelo


Yoga Instructor

Hannah Muse

RUNNERS-UP Laurie Broderick-Burr, Victor Dubin  


Yoga Studio

Luma Yoga

1010 Center St., Santa Cruz, 325-2620,

RUNNERS-UP DiviniTree Yoga, Pleasure Point Yoga



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