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Love Your Local Band: Ginger and Juice

Ginger and Juice play Friday, April 14 at the Crepe Place

Ginger and Juice

“Don’t let the juice loose.”

That’s the slogan of local band Ginger and Juice’s line of condoms. That’s right: this band sells its own condoms. And they work, too—that’s the band’s guarantee. No juice will be let loose.

“Other bands have vinyl records. We have Ginger and Juice condoms and flasks,” says lead singer Ty Armstrong.

As ridiculous as this sounds, it’s only the tip of the ridiculous iceberg for Ginger and Juice, whose members play a blend of smooth ’70s yacht rock and groove-rich, toe-tappin’ R&B.

Most bands shy away from the very notion of being thought of as gimmicky. Ginger and Juice embraces it, and takes it to the limit. The live shows are filled with costumes, audience participation, sing-alongs, give-away contests, burlesque dancers, and other unexpected moments. For this particular show, they plan to orchestrate an Easter egg hunt—in the Crepe Place.

Initially, when the group started a couple years ago, it was a much more straightforward—and serious—rock project. As the members pushed into campy, dance-y territory, people started to take notice. Clubs were calling them with offers for gigs, so many that they had to turn some down. It was a shock to the group, as they don’t even have anything released yet. They hope to have an EP out this summer.

“There’s a zillion good bands around here. I want to stand apart in this town,” Armstrong says of Ginger and Juice’s unhinged approach. “We want people to feel like a part of it. We’re trying to be ahead of the curve.”

INFO: 9 p.m. Friday, April 14. Crepe Place, 1134 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz. $8. 429-6994.

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