Are any wars justified?

localtalk_brendaBI think the only wars that are justified are wars that are actually done to save lives. Under a violent genocidal government such as Sudan I believe a war to save the people, if genocide is occuring, would be justified. Wars over resources, material goods and wars to spread so-called Democracy are not justified.
Brenda Barnhart
Santa Cruz | Unemployed




localtalk_stevenGWar is to be avoided if at all possible but is sometimes justified and necessary. World War II was necessary and a moral imperative, in my opinion.
Steven Greenburg

Santa Cruz | Attorney





localtalk_ericRI suppose there’s the possibility that some wars are justifiable, but the burden of proof is far beyond anything that’s happened in recent history.
Eric Raible
Santa Cruz | Engineer





localtalk_MichaelSTo start a war probably is not justified, but after somebody declares war on you I would think war is justified to protect yourself and your interests.
Michael Spadafora
Santa Cruz | Cafe Manager

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