Are you getting the H1N1 vaccine? Why or why not?

localtalk_stevenI heard some good advice that anyone over 50 has already been exposed to that particular virus. And I don’t get shots.
Steven Jones
Santa Cruz | Disc Finder





localtalk_jenniferMNo. Because the swine flu is not real and if you have a healthy constitution you can fight off whatever comes your way. And if you have love in your heart you’re immune to germs.
Jennifer Masten
Santa Cruz | Unemployed





localtalk_whitneyNo. Because the last time I got the flu shot it gave me the flu, and now two people I know who’ve gotten that
vaccination got it.
Whitney Wilde
Santa Cruz | Designer




localtalk_esabellaI got mine because I’m expecting, and one in four pregnant woman are dying because of the swine flu. They go to the hospitals and they contract it. Children need to get it because they’re around each other and that’s where it spreads more easily. I want to live so I got it. I think health field workers should get it too.
Esabella Gatlin
Windsor | Lab Technician

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