Babes In Campaign Land

sccc baby0Can you match these baby photos with the Santa Cruz City Council candidates?

Even city council candidates were babies once. Five of the eight people running for four seats on the Santa Cruz City Council submitted photos of themselves as youngins—Jake Fusari, Cece Pinheiro, Pamela Comstock, Cynthia Mathews, and Micah Posner. Take a look at the photos and try to guess which is which. Then, scroll down to check the answers.



sccc baby5

















sccc baby4

sccc baby3

sccc baby2

sccc baby1










ANSWERS FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: 1. Pamela Comstock. 2. Micah Posner. 3. Jake Fusari. 4. Cynthia Mathews.  5. Cece Pinheiro.

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