Chelsea Crew Shoes

chelseaAll I wanted for Christmas was most definitely not a partridge in a pear tree, but rather a pair of Chelsea Crew oxford pumps, “Sierra Tie Shoe,” selling at Bunny’s for around $50. The faux leather, apricot color is a “green” shoe with a hefty dose of personality and style. it radiates “chic” and stands out in the crowd. The heel height runs at about two inches, but it doesn’t feel like you’re walking on stilts. These old-fashioned looking shoes are comfortable, hip, and the neutral hue complements any style.

Pair them with long skinny jeans, a cute blazer and a ruffled top for some pizzazz, or team them up with trouser pants and a tucked in bow top for a vintage flair. And yes, I did get them for Christmas.

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