Desalinization issues continue. What are your thoughts?

lt michael_davidI’m thinking it may be a good idea. I’m concerned with the cost but our need for fresh water is only growing. 
Michael David 
Santa Cruz | Job Hunting

lt bruce_brattonI’m against it. It’s costly, unproven and environmentally unsound.
Bruce Bratton
Santa Cruz | Radio Broadcaster and columnist

lt matt_mitchell
There are obvious benefits to desal along with draw backs ranging from cost to environmental impact. With respect to the current desal proposals I would describe my position as undecided but optimistic.
Matt Mitchell
Santa Cruz | Firefighter

lt greg_gibson

We need to figure it out. Santa Cruz has always done things a little differently than other places. So I think it’s only fitting that we come up with a creative solution to manage our water needs, people’s demands, and the county’s budget.
Greg Gibson
Santa Cruz | Chef / Parish Pub

lt william_chasar
I’m for it. Agriculture is an important industry that requires large amounts of water, and I think desal could help fulfill that need.
William Chasar
Santa Cruz | Carpet Installer

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