Describe the ideal reality show based in Santa Cruz.

lt rivkaI think my ideal reality show about Santa Cruz would be following the youth that live here and all of the different challenges that they face—their triumphs, the social interactions. I think that would be pretty interesting.
Rivka Sheehan
Santa Cruz | Sales/Cashier


lt phillipSurviving as a homeless person in Santa Cruz California. The way they live their life in the area and how they get around between the homeless shelters and the food banks, how they avoid the police, panhandling. Living on the streets of Santa Cruz. 
Phillip Davis 
Aptos | Registered Nurse

lt jeff
A reality show in Santa Cruz that has a chop shop or repair shop based on rebuilding or the re-manufacturing of bicycles. Maybe something that has drama in it, too, kind of like what Orange County Choppers has. Something that would hold people’’s attention and get them excited about different modes of transportation.
Jeff Totten
Boulder Creek | Caregiver/Laborer

lt aaron
A good name for a reality show in Santa Cruz would be “Reality Imitating Art,” or “Art Imitating Reality.” It would be a show like American Idol, except for artists who would go through a series of art projects to eventually learn and become the master artist who would win the competition.
Aaron Lieben
Santa Cruz | Real Estate Broker

lt han
Surfers vs. hippies as a reality TV show. Plotting the many surfer ranks of Santa Cruz vs. the many hippie ranks of Santa Cruz. Forcing them into contained space such as Downtown Santa Cruz, and making them fight one another.
Han Denderson
Santa Cruz | Engineer


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