Do we even need a President?

lt carolineAccording to the Constitution, we do. But the way the Congress has been acting under this administration, you almost wonder if we do.
Caroline McIntyre
Watsonville | Retired 

lt bonnie

We definitely need leadership, and whether it’s the form of the President, I’m certainly open to some type of other government. But yes, I think we need a government. Maybe we need three Presidents and not just one.
Bonnie Eskie
Santa Cruz | Psychotherapist

lt thomas 

Of course we need a president. We have to have somebody to put forth ideas because so many of us are just trying to make it through the day that we can’t really think about the bigger picture. So we need somebody to think about the bigger picture and send us all in a good direction.
Thomas Miller
Santa Cruz | General Contractor 

lt aimee

We need a leader. Whether it’s the president or not we need somebody to step up.
Aimee Nitzberg
Santa Cruz | Yoga Teacher

lt tom 

We’d be better off without one.
Tom Davis
Santa Cruz | Climbing Gym Operator

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