Do you prefer mainstream or independent films?

LocalTAlk_andyLI enjoy the independent ones more, when we get a chance to get out which isn’t very often now since we have a baby.

Andy Lewis

Santa Cruz | Physician





LocalTAlk_jamieDIt depends on the film but, lately, independent. Last night I watched Pans Labyrinth, which is an amazing film. I’m an artist so I enjoy independent films.

Jamie Drobnick

Santa Cruz | Student




LocalTAlk_bruceBI love the independent films because there’s some art to them. The mainstream films—I’ve seen it all and I saw it all five years ago.

Bruce Bedayan

Ben Lomond | Human Resources Manager




LocalTAlk_alleyBI enjoy independent films because I feel like I can relate to the characters better. I feel like a lot of the time the story  is more well written and the acting is better, and it’s not so much of a complete break from reality. It’s more like something that could be relevant to what I’m going through.

Alley Barrosm

San Francisco | School Teacher

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