Do you support lifting the dog ban on Pacific Avenue?

localtalk_steveR-I support the lifting of the dog ban on a conditional basis … if there are dog disposal stations on each block with the plastic doggy-pooper-picker-up-er, that are clearly identified, and an ordinance that penalizes people who knowingly let their dogs poop and then walk away from it. In that case I would definitely vote to lift the ban.
Steve Rosencrantz
Santa Cruz | Geologist





localtalk_alanVThat’s controversial. As long as people are cleaning up after their dogs I think it would be really sweet to have them around because I think they really add a great vibe to the community. I mean, they make people feel better. As long as they’re well behaved, on leash, and people clean up after them.
Alan Voegtlen
Santa Cruz | Teacher





localtalk_susanW-I think it’s tricky enough navigating down the mall with all the panhandling obstacles, and I think dogs would be yet another obstacle to enjoying what’s here on the mall.
Susan Wagner
Santa Cruz | Artist





localtalk_dougDI do not. Specifically because all it takes is one steamer on my new sneakers to ruin my day.
Doug Duren
Santa Cruz | Painter

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