Blocking access to UCSC

lt karstenDo you think blocking access to the UCSC campus is an effective form of protest? Why?

Yes, it's an effective form of protest because it gets attention, and that’s what they want.
Karsten Mueler
Santa Cruz | Professor

lt vince
I don’t think so. It doesn't seem like it’s done anything to keep them from raising the fees. They're broke. What can you do?
Vince Lauter
Monterey | Teacher

lt robertI don’t think that blocking the entrance is effective because you're getting a lot of people angry. People who need to go up there and work. I think protesting is effective. And I think the students ought to have some other way of expressing their protest. I agree that the tuitions are ridiculous. Who can afford to send their child to UC anymore? I saw in the paper this morning that it's more expensive to go to UCSC than it is to Harvard.
Robert Zuniga
Santa Cruz | Retired Teacher

lt mary
Sometimes you have to make noise to make a big point. And some people get inconvenienced, and I think that’s the price of democracy and progress.
Mary Baage
Capitola | Homemaker

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