Do you think police should have to live in the community they serve?

lt timIt’s definitely preferable that they live in the communities they serve. I used to be the mayor of Santa Cruz, so I understand that police have difficulty finding housing like everyone else. The city needs to do more to make it available to all types of city employees, so that they can understand the community they’re in—being located here.
Tim Fitzmorris
Santa Cruz | Retired

lt justine2I think it’s a good idea but I don’t think it should be legally enforced. It should be, like, a preference.
Justine Hamlin
Santa Cruz | Teacher/Musician


lt J.J3I think a rule like that might make it hard to get the best person for the job.
J.J. Walton-Hadlock
Santa Cruz | Acupuncturist


lt sam4I don’t think it’s necessary as long as they have an understanding of the area that they live in. And if they work in that area they’ll understand it.
Sam Rudolph
Santa Cruz | Manager


lt billy5I don’t think that cops should have to live in the same places that they work. I know a lot of cops who don’t, and I feel that they’re still able to be engaged in the communities they serve and the communities that they live in, without a lot of conflict of interest or running away from the “problems” that they’re having to deal with in the communities that they work in.
Billy Lewis
Santa Cruz | Bike Sales

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