Do you think that we as a nation are becoming more polarized? If so, why?

lt sujanI think so. There’s many common issues that we’re all facing and we find unity in this economy. Everybody is going through their struggles. I think unity is the best savior.
Sujan Bhahee
Santa Cruz | Analyst

lt victoria

Yes. Partially because the income gap is widening so there’s the poor and the rich. That’s a huge part of it. The whole nation is becoming corporate. Politics is owned by corporations so people are not considered anymore. Corporations are the ones that have the say.
Victoria Shuts
Santa Cruz | Therapist

lt dana
I do think that we are becoming increasingly polarized. I think that as the planet becomes increasingly taxed and we’re becoming forced to change our ways, the polarity is growing between people who are clinging to the old ways and not willing to change versus those who recognize how important this time is for making progress and change.
Dana Bail
Santa Cruz | Therapist


lt antara 

I think that we’re as polarized as we’ve ever been. Everybody takes their stance and stays strong in that. Hopefully some day we’ll find a way to be united.
Antara Davis
Santa Cruz | Graphic Designer

lt scott

Yes, I do think we’re becoming more polarized for many reasons, and one of the main reasons is that for the powers that be, whether you want to call that the one percent or not, it’s in their best interest to keep the rest of us divided so that we cannot unite and rise up against them.
Scott Martin
Santa Cruz | Mythologist


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