Does Santa Cruz need more surveillance cameras?

lt jimAbsolutely not. Why? I think we’ve moved beyond that. I’m all in for a strong police presence. I think the homeless issue downtown has got a little out of control, but it’s too much like “Big Brother” looking over your shoulder watching every single move you make.
Jim Cook
Aptos | Retired

lt evangelina
I guess we do since the younger kids are a little rowdier. So maybe that would be a good idea.
Evangelina Almanza
Santa Cruz | Office Manager

lt michael
I don’t think that’s the answer. I think we need more people out being vigilant and holding each other responsible. The eye in the sky thing? Ahh, I don’t know.
Michael Semas
Santa Cruz | Teacher

lt josto
I don’t think surveillance cameras ever really fixed anything, I don’t think it will be helpful. I’m against it.
Josto Saleri
Santa Cruz | Systems Analyst

lt michelle
Yes, I think it would be better to have surveillance cameras for a safer community. There’s too many drugs and I think people would get caught. We need more surveillance and police being active for our community.
Michelle Saldana
Santa Cruz | Dental Hygienist

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