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Sarah_MartinIt’s June. Six months ago, some of us made commitments at the beginning of the year to start living a healthier lifestyle. For some, it was to quit smoking; for others, become active and eat healthier. For some, we didn’t even start for fear of failing in the first place, so we quit before we even started. In January, my personal commitment was to run a 10K this year. I have had some major setbacks though: hip and joint issues that made it so I couldn’t run during the month of March; an incredibly strong cold and flu season knocked me off my feet for another month and then last month, knee pain made it so I could barely run two miles. Not even half way to a 10K. I became discouraged and thought to myself maybe I wasn’t made to be a runner and I will never reach my goal of making it through a 10K.

Are you feeling discouraged? Is it holding you back from reaching your personal goals? It’s important to recognize what is holding you back and plan accordingly. Maybe it is pain issues. Maybe it’s stress at work. Take the time to recognize what it is that is holding you back and find a way to conquer it. If stress is a deterrent, it’s important to cognitively be aware that exercise is known to reduce stress levels. You will feel better about your stress levels and be able to cope with them if you can get moving. As for pain issues, maybe it’s time to sit down with your doctor or change your form. I found out from a friend that my running form was incorrect. I tried her technique and I ran my first pain free five miles in four months. Had she not pointed that out to me, I would still be limping after each run. Maybe it is something just as simple as tweaking your form.

If you haven’t started or haven’t been able to get into a routine, it is so important to not listen to the negative voices in your head that are holding you back. You can do this. You can take daily baby steps. Ten minutes a day, each day, is better than nothing. There are still six months left of 2010. There are still six months to reach your goals. There are no excuses.

If you don’t know where to start, I am offering a Cardio Boot Camp for all women, starting June 14 at Seacliff Beach (there are three sessions, so if that week doesn’t work to start, there will be two more to choose from). It starts at 7 p.m., so plenty of time after you get off of work to meet with us and if you make the right dietary choices, you will see your body change. You will meet other women looking to get in shape or stay in shape and get a good, total body workout each time.

Now is the time to get in shape. The weather is nice now (finally), it’s light out later, and there are still six months left of this year. Sometimes we just need a reminder and encouragement. This is yours.

Sarah Martin is a certified fitness trainer. She lives in Aptos with her husband and 1-year-old son. Visit smartfitnesssc.com for more information.

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