Harrington’s Furniture

harringtonsoneOn a recent trip to San Francisco, I stumbled upon a new treasure trove—Harrington’s Furniture in the Mission District. Unlike other stores selling over-priced and unaffordable antiques, Harrington’s specializes in affordable antiques and vintage finds, new pieces (with low price tags), and everything in between. The catch is that while most antique stores feel stuffy and you have to really paw over everything to discover a gem, at Harrington’s, while the store is crowded, it still has breathing room.

And on top of that, almost everything in the store has a modern spin to it—antique furniture with a contemporary spin. This means that you’ll likely want to leave with several purchases. I found a grey tufted small arm chair and a mint green tiny outdoor bench. Both were adorable and affordable. Sure, it’s up in San Francisco, but well worth the drive to find a good seat.


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