How are you preparing for 2012?

LocalTAlk_kyleDFreaking out, digging the bomb shelter, buying all kinds of canned food—just stocking up.
Kyle Davis
Santa Cruz | Server

LocalTAlk_chrisGI’m not preparing for 2012 but I’m ready for what’s going to come. Maybe have a new president on our hands.
A revolution of sorts.
Chris Groh
Santa Cruz | Teacher/Disc Golfer

LocalTAlk_normaCI’m reading a bunch of books with different opinions of whats going to happen or not happen. Where something ends something begins and I’m looking forward to the transition.
Norma Calderon
Watsonville | Parent Education

LocalTAlk_jasonSI’m preparing for 2012 just like Prince prepared for 1999.
Jason Solis
Aptos | Graphic Designer

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