How can Obama improve in 2010?

localtalk_yarrowKeep to his word, legalize gay marriage, and save the planet.
Yarrow Ricki Jones
Santa Cruz | Checker




localtalk_davidSGet the troops out of the war zones. Focus less on the economy and more on our troops. He’s distracted right now.
David Sims
Santa Cruz | Engineer





localtalk_naomiGHe can get out more and speak to people more in communities and be a little bit more local about his plan for health care. I would like for him to really go after the banks. They’re out of control. The interest rates and the charges, there needs to be a big tightening down on that.
Naomi Gardner
Santa Cruz | Photographer




localtalk_henrySHe can improve by sticking to the principles and philosophies and morals that got him into office.
Henry Schwab
Santa Cruz | Retail/ Wholesale Clothing

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