How can Santa Cruz County effectively reduce its high level of unemployment?


By supporting programs like project Bike Trip. It’s a job training and ROP program where we train kids and bike mechanics in bike assembly and repair. It acts as a stepping stone to a multitude of industry career paths such as fabrication, marketing, videography and more.

Katie DeClercq

Soquel | Project Director


Encourage people to go into elder care. There are a lot of elders in this community who are alone hour after hour after hour. It’s a way for people to connect and bring some life into the community and create some more jobs.

Clarissa Guggenheim

Santa Cruz | Photographer/Care Giver


I would say the city itself should restructure its taxes and be more business friendly to bring in more

businesses to Santa Cruz that will hire high tech employees.

Stan Pratt

Santa Cruz | Software Engineer

lt_carolinePart of what would help decrease the unemployment rate would be if the county and property owners were kinder people leasing spaces. The overhead for independent businesses in this town is so outrageous it leaves very little room for them to increase their staff whether or not the business needs additional staff. Right now it’s virtually impossible for businesses to obtain the small business loans that they need to increase productivity.

Caroline Reid

Santa Cruz | Photographer

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