How I Began Shrooming

blog_MushroomsI was reading an article online about mushrooms and did you know that they are a great source of fiber, Vitamin D, protein, Vitamin B, copper, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium and zinc? The fiber helps lower cholesterol while Vitamin D helps with the absorption of Calcium. Mushrooms are 20-30 percent protein and 70-90 percent water, meaning you get the protein from meat with the calories of vegetables. Also the Vitamin B they hold are only found in meats, which makes it great for vegetarians. The article just went on and on about how nutritious they were.


I hardly ate mushrooms and it occurred to me: why hadn’t I liked them before? They don’t taste bad. They are good for me. Maybe it was because there was the connotation of them being drugs during the psychedelic ’60s. Maybe it reminded me too much of Alice in Wonderland.

Now I find myself putting mushrooms on everything: stir-fry, cheeseburgers, pizza, salads, and other foods. What I ended up with was a huge passion for those small fungi. It’s just one small step I’m taking to having better eating habits.

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