How should homelessness be addressed in Santa Cruz ?

lt joshMore social services. Maybe spend a little more money on the problem, broaden the horizon of what we do a little bit—more counseling, more lifestyle change solution available as well as more shorter term solutions. Make more space and more food available.
Josh McCoy
Santa Cruz | UCSC Grad Student

lt ritaMore affordable housing in Santa Cruz, addressing the fact that housing is very expensive for everyone, even for people with jobs. Work on preventative drug use, because a lot of homeless people in Santa Cruz feel like that is the main issue facing them. 
Rita McKeon
Santa Cruz | Shoe Sales

lt shana
Create a list, register the homeless that are here now. Don’t let the population grow. [Provide] assistance only to those who are registered.
Shana Cameron Saleri
Santa Cruz | Healthcare

lt kimberly

We should be taking it item by item. There are several different categories—drug and alcohol issues, PTSD (a lot of veteran issues), there are runaways, foster care issues with youth, and there are mental health issues. So each one of these things needs to be addressed because generally those are the issues that will land people on the street.
Kimberly East
Watsonville | Owner Operator Coffee Cart


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