How should the Bush Administration be punished for illegal wiretapping?

localtalk_bonnieEI feel like people who are in administrative positions, whether you are a senator or a president should go to a trial of court just like any citizen in a public hearing with a jury. And if they’re found guilty then they have to serve their time.
Bonnie Eskie
Santa Cruz | Psychotherapist




localtalk_moDHave all of the doors of their house ripped down and all of their privacy taken away. They’d have to walk around naked. No shower curtains.
Mo Dasilva
Santa Cruz | Barista





localtalk_chrisGHow about a little swim from the mile buoy in, on a full moon with some tuna on their breath.
Chris Green
Santa Cruz | Unemployed






localtalk_eveKPunishment for wiretapping should be the least of the Bush Administration’s worries. I think that their unethical behavior has gone far beyond that. They should be tarred and feathered, stripped of all their riches, and redistribute the wealth. Down with the Bush family and down with corruption.
Eve Krammer
Santa Cruz | Bartendress | Blanket Monster

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