How will you know when the recession is over?

The recession will probably be over when people will be able to buy homes again, sell their homes if they want to, have jobs, and not worry every day about making ends meet.

Joan Kenney
Santa Cruz | Retired




When I start stacking
dead presidents.
Ray Gratton
Santa Cruz | Executive Chef







When I get more work—that’s when I’ll know the recession is over, even though other people can find it in a different way. I think that’s how most people feel about it, when their personal lives improve. They feel psychologically that things are on the upswing; they’ll feel that the recession is over.
Steve Czarnecki
Santa Cruz | Professional Musician




When the shopping malls are packed and the parking lots are full of cars. When people start smiling.
Michelle Wall
Bonny Doon | Nurse

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