How would you describe Santa Cruz culture?

lt vnesUnique radical self expression. Everybody’s cool, it’s not a cool-contest. It doesn’t matter if you’re plain Jane or totally crazy studs in the head, you’re all good.
Vnes Of
Santa Cruz Concierge 

lt emily

Welcoming, caring, and for the most part open minded.
Emily Warmedahl
Santa Cruz | Farmers Market Vendor 

lt megan

Beach-town hippie.
Megan Glen
San Jose | Executive Assistant


lt hillary 

I would say diverse yet segregated in more ways than one—racially, economically, socially. Seems like a very segregated yet interesting and diverse place. 
Hillary Seamans
Soquel | Farm Worker

lt cory

Eclectic at best. Unique and unto the world because one, we have a university, and two, we represent just about everybody—with more personal freedoms than anyone can understand. I have found more people who have found more hope, more inspiration for their hometowns here than I have found anywhere else.
Cory McDonald
Boulder Creek | Latex Manipulator

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