How would you describe society in one word? Why?

lt stephenColorful. Because there’s so many different textures and colors of people’s personalities and faiths and beliefs. Everything about us—the way we look, the way we sound, the way we speak. There’s so many different textures. It’s beautiful.
Stephen Bigger
Santa Cruz | Musician



lt seanAnguish. I think a lot of people are just uptight, and I think there’s too many of us, and everyone’s just uncertain about what the future holds for them. So I think a lot of people are in anguish over that. 
Sean Kelly 
San Francisco | Contractor

lt zoeCreated. Because everything that is manifested in this part of our society has been a consequence of our actions and a direct result of our actions.
Zoe Galle
Santa Cruz | Student/Barista



lt mikeConfused. Because there’s so many issues out there. People, I think, are confused as to what position to take, and what action to take on that particular position. I think a lot of people are confused as to how to even approach a solution.
Mike Millot
Santa Cruz | Bartender

lt terri
I want to say two words; intelligent chaos. Because I think there is an intelligence and there’s organization behind what we do in society, but the underlying current, the human mind that drives society, it’s kind of crazy and chaotic.
Terri Schneider
Santa Cruz | Speaker/Writer

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