If money were not an object, what would you do with your life?



Travel the world, take care of my bills and all my family’s bills. Also create an institute that would give back to everybody, like an art or a culinary institute.
Keeli Blackman
Santa Cruz | High-end Retail







My lifelong dream is to get a research vessel like in Life Aquatic and travel the world by getting applications from people and running their research expeditions— either coastal or deep ocean.
Joe Talavera
Santa Cruz | Paramedic/Bartender






If I could do anything I wanted, and money were no object, I would still enjoy being with and taking care of my family.
Pat Macaulay
Florida | Receptionist







I’d be living life, surfing and making art, and painting murals. It’s killer to follow your passion and do what you do. It means everything, really.
Marvin Plummer
Felton | Fine Artist

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