If the old El Palomar Hotel were to be revamped, what would you like to see there?

lt haleyI would like to see another restaurant. I’m real partial to pizza, but more kid-friendly food, too. Something with a variety of choices.
Haley Costa
Santa Cruz | Freelance Nanny 

lt andrea

If they were to revamp the side area, I would say change it to a cannabis club for medical uses and veterans.
Andrea Aguire
Santa Cruz | Mom

lt gina
I would like to see something like the old Cooper House, something with high-end shops.
Gina Escobar
Santa Cruz | Acupuncturist 

lt todd

Something that’s not too commercial. Palomar has a lot of history in Downtown Santa Cruz, so I guess do something similar, or keep it as some sort of inn? The ballroom upstairs is kind of cool, but if they take it out and put in some sort of commercial [enterprise], I think it depletes the value of downtown.
Todd Skelton
Santa Cruz | Online Advertising


lt heather
I think I would like it if they maybe just enhanced the features it already has. It’s a really nice classic structure, so I think it would be nice if they just put a little new paint on the building.
Heather Lavergne
Santa Cruz | Student

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