If you could be president for a day what would you do?

LocalT_robAI would shut down the military, recall all the troops and spend all the money on education and other good projects.
Rob Aaron
Santa Cruz | Filmmaker



LocalT_kateI would hire more teachers especially art and music teachers. I would make sure that everyone had equal access to health care and access to healthy food so I’d definitely want to make sure that there were farmer’s markets in every town. I’m also concerned about housing so I would want housing to be available to every American.
Kate Purcell
Santa Cruz | Landscape Designer




LocalT_aldenI would build a water slide at
the White House.
Alden Brill
Santa Cruz | Fourth Grader






LocalT_kimI would fully fund education and all public infrastructure projects. And I would stop funding the war.

Kim West
Santa Cruz | Teacher

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