If you could have any super power, what would it be?

altI would be able to fly so I could see the world from above and visit all the different cultures, religions and magic around the world.
Demian Lee
Santa Cruz | Freelancer








altIf I could have super powers I would want to be able to morph into whatever I want. I could be me or I could morph into anyone. Then I could like do whatever I want like that guy in Terminator 2.
Bob Breda
Aptos | Chill Student






altIf I could have any super power I would want to be able to stop time. For everybody except me of course. I’d clean my house, make art, and garden. Get all those things done  and then continue on with life and hang out with everybody and have a good time.
Juel Hartmann
Santa Cruz | Artist/Mom






altIf I had super powers it would be to be able to use 100 percent of my brain and body capacity at all times so I could solve the world’s problems and save baby dolphins.
Jonathan Glancy
Santa Cruz | Media Team







altShapeshifter. I’d like to be able to change into any living thing so I could fly in the sky like a bird and swim in the ocean like a dolphin, or be a tree and stay still and chill.
Andre Llana
Santa Cruz | Guest Services Representative

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