If you could share one idea with everyone, what would it be?

lt cantruong

Energy heals. Like Qi Gong, energy healing, [and] so forth. We all have the ability to heal ourselves by accessing the life force energy.
Can Truong
Santa Cruz | Energy Healing



lt grace

To be kind, be happy, enjoy life. It’s too short.
Grace Butler
Santa Cruz | Unemployed


lt tomGo electric cars. That way we change our whole economy and create the largest sustained economic growth the country will ever see.
Tom Brekka
Santa Cruz | CEO


lt wendy



It’s good to be fully present with your struggles.
Wendy Warner
Santa Cruz | Thumper/Front Desk


lt scottThe idea that we can all improve our lives and this planet. And we are more powerful than we ever imagined.
Scott Ebson
Santa Cruz | Teacher




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