If you had your way, what would be one thing you’d like to see in Santa Cruz County that isn’t already set in place?


I think that we should have a public amphitheatre in the downtown area, very simple but beautiful—maybe cement so it can be used anytime for people to eat lunch, and also be available for people for art, presentations, whatever, to use a public space to express themselves.

Nicole Bahm

Santa Cruz | Produce Coordinator



Universal health care, multi-leveled, whether it’s alternative practices or Western medicine, no questions asked for all the residents of Santa Cruz County, and let it grow from there! Who needs to go through all this bureaucracy—and spend money on that, it should be taken care of.

Inigo Rose

Santa Cruz | Grad Student


More community art projects and public art displays that neighborhoods can be a part of to get to know one another so we can be closer to our neighbors. I feel like there is a huge divide between the college population and the locals of Santa Cruz. An activity to bring residents together would really break some age barriers that are very present.

Erica Wheeler-Dubin

Santa Cruz | Environmentalist/Psychologist


Countywide rent control. Something we should have done 25 years ago when there was the political will to vote it in. So that normal people can live in Santa Cruz County, not just millionaires.

Nick Thayer

Santa Cruz | Landscape Designer

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