Is buying local always the best option?

lt eliahuYes. Because it supports our community, it keeps our money in our community, and provides jobs for people I care about. My understanding is that for every dollar we spend is the equivalent of $6 if we keep it in the local economy.
Eliahu Goodman
Santa Cruz | Healer

lt eric
I don’t think its necessarily always the best option.
Eric Scholar
Aptos | Retired

lt jeevan

Unless you need a variety of things that aren’t local, but generally speaking, yeah. We have the best organic produce in this area. It goes out all over the world. I’ve seen it in Puerto Rico.
Jeevan Kracht
Santa Cruz | Lapidarist/Yoga Teacher

lt scott

No. You may not have the option that you want locally, so it gives you more choice.
Scott Sorensen
Aptos | Fire Captain

lt gardner

Yes. I’d say grow your own first, but if you can’t grow it then buy it locally. That being said, I specialize in Caribbean cooking so not a lot of those ingredients are always available in Santa Cruz, so I have to go up to the Bay Area for some things. Support your local bread maker.
Gardner Lund
Boulder Creek | Baker/Business Owner

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