Labyrinth Man

blog_karmaDuring each solstice and equinox, at the mouth of the San Lorenzo River, the birthplace of surfing in this continental U.S., you will find Dean Pollard honoring the changes in the earth and sky, with his creation of labyrinths in the sand.  He starts from a center, plotting the design with his feet, performing his art with his body and shovel.  He aligns himself with a compass and rides his own fluidic wave in the tradition of the ancients, creating a spacial vortex between heaven and earth. This is performance art honoring seasons, transitions, and changes. Dean’s creative urge brings a level of consciousness and pattern for all of us to see.  Dean will be at Seabright Beach again March 20th for the Spring Equinox.  Check out his website: appliedeurythmy.com

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