Name two ideas that would make Santa Cruz County even better in 2013.

lt brianBroaden our horizons in terms of welcoming new businesses. Not necessarily just local businesses, but corporations and other bigger stores if they fit. Also, I’d say be a bit more aggressive on handling the homeless problem downtown.
Brian Hamilton
Santa Cruz | Wine and Liquor Salesman

lt michael

I guess legalize marijuana, support that whole thing, and we need a better homeless center.
Michael Rogers
Santa Cruz | Kitchen Designer


lt ritchie

Resurrect Nikola Tesla’s ghost and maybe come up with a free-energy machine that would destroy currency.
Ritchie Canon
Santa Cruz | Holistic Nutritionist/Herbalist


lt mattMore all-age venues and more free parking.
Matt McLain,
Santa Cruz | Grocery Clerk


lt daniel

Complete the Highway 1 Project and fix the homeless problem.
Daniel Ortega
Santa Cruz | Teacher


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