Overall, how would you rank the local club scene? What could be improved?

localtalk_nestaI’d say it’s average. I like a lot of dub step and electronic music. Most of the hip-hop and K-DON and stuff—I really get over those kind of songs. More DJ’s and what not would be nice.

Nesta Loni
Santa Cruz | Prep Chef

LocalTAlk_krystalI think that we have good music in Santa Cruz. I’ve been a little out of touch because I have a little baby, but overall I think that there’s a pretty good selection. Maybe we could add more venues.

Krystal Smith
Boulder Creek | Landscape Designer

LocalTAlk_markMI would say the club scene is pretty stellar, when you compare it to the average town of our size. And I’m always reading about some of the best musicians in the world that really enjoy coming to Santa Cruz to play. There could be more non-drinking clubs for the underage folks because it seems like we’re still struggling as a society to give youth a safe place to go and have fun.

Mark Michel
Santa Cruz | Wheel builder

LocalTAlk_beeOverall I would rate it as poor because there’s no gay bar anymore, and one night at the Rainbow Room is not enough. I’d like to see better DJ’s, more dance nights, better drink specials, and more gay people out in the streets.

Bee Miller
Santa Cruz | Bike Mechanic

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