Palace Notes/Landlords

blog_karmaThe woodpeckers are the true owners of this property and structure, and they make this fact clear on a daily basis.  I try to respect them as my landlords, for they are clearly the lords of my land.  This colony flies between three trees, one a totem that I created, as the tree was dead and needed to come down.  My reasoning for this was strictly practical as these fiends peck on my wooden palace.  They seem to mistake my home for a tree, boring holes to stuff with acorns from the many oaks that populate this property.  After re-installing two sides of the house, stapling ribbons to the exterior, and listening to the jolt of the maddening pecks on the house, I am giving in and giving this land and house back to them.  They win, as I begin to think about packing and as I cleave to nature, practicing non-harming in the Buddhist tradition.

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