Sat Nam

blog_karmaThere is an email from Gurmukh Khalsa today.  This is not junk. I have received a personalized 40-day meditation!   I attended the San Francisco Yoga Journal Conference and took an intensive full day class with this beautiful yogi, dressed in white, from Los Angeles. I didn’t know much about her or about Kundalini Yoga, but had been curious for years.  Arriving early in San Francisco, I seized my spot in the yoga room.   She walked in with a sheepskin and a silk pillow. She had my attention. “Sat Nam,” were her first words.  The mantra (http://www.kundaliniyoga.org/mantra.html) means truth … say Sat Nam to anyone and it means I see the truth in you and you see the truth in me: truth is my identity … Divine truth. Kind of like “namaste,” Back to my email.  We all asked for a personal meditation or prayer, and Gurmukh is asking us to perform this meditation for 40 straight days.  If I miss one day, I must start again. I thought good and hard about this prayer, as her Kundalini optimism was contagious.  Wish me luck. Sat Nam.  Check out Golden Bridge Yoga, home of Gurmukh: www.goldenbridgeyoga.com/ –
And, of course,   Kundalini yoga also lives in Santa Cruz:

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