Stuck on Santa Cruz

blog stuckZachary Frandeen says he can’t really afford to live in Santa Cruz, but that he loves it too much to live anywhere else. It was this sentiment that inspired him to create the “Cantaffordit” stickers that have been cropping up around town since he released them in 2011. “’Cantaffordit’ is how I feel about Santa Cruz, but I live here because it’s the best place on Earth, and I feel like that’s why people can relate,” he says. The Santa Cruz County native has been a photographer since 1992 (“I have been a starving artist ever since, and love it,” he says), and thought up the sticker—his first adventure in adhesive art—while taking graphic design at Cabrillo College last year. The stickers can be found for $2 (plus tax) at DJ’s Mini Mart (Frandeen’s place of employment), Streetlight Records, Bill’s Wheel’s, and a handful of other local establishments. Frandeen’s goal? To sell enough stickers to launch a “Cantaffordit” T-shirt line.

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