Sweet August


It seems that there is a national day set aside to celebrate every food on the planet. But why are strawberry ice cream and apricot awareness days in January, and why is there a dog biscuit appreciation day at all? August’s list makes more sense. It’s National Peach month. Boxes at local farmers markets are brimming with these fuzzy fruits, just-picked and juicy.

Too early for the farmers market, I walked into Marianne’s Ice Cream shop, which is celebrating 50 years of creating frozen fantasies. With weekend patrons lined up outside the doors, and parking always a problem, they now offer additional parking in the Woodworm Party Store lot on the next corner.

I decided to acknowledge Eat a Peach Day (Aug. 22) with a scoop of fluffy peach ice cream. Lightly sugared, it contained sweet bites of tasty fruit. While I was there, I thought I’d belatedly celebrate Grab Some Nuts Day with a scoop of Cardamom-Pistachio as well. Cardamom is a savory and slightly bitter seed used in Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine, even in desserts. The soft white ice cream was flecked with spice, not the least bit bitter, and contained whole green pistachios.

Being that it is also Brownies at Brunch Month, a Brownie Sundae is listed on the menu. On Aug. 20 celebrate Chocolate Pecan Pie Day with a slice of pecan pie and a scoop of fudgy ice cream. Enjoy a banana milkshake on the 27 for Banana Lovers Day, or one of my favorites, a banana split. At Marianne’s you can also tardily, yet happily, celebrate Root Beer Float Day. On the other hand, a Hot Fudge Croissant just might be my next indulgence. | KP

Marianne’s Ice Cream, 1020 Ocean St., Santa Cruz, 458-1447. Open daily at 10 a.m. until 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and until midnight Friday and Saturday.

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