Tarot, my trusty arrow …..

blog_karmaThere it is again, The Tower … the card I seem to draw repeatedly, especially in the last year or so.  The card that reminds me that change is happening all around.  The Tower card points to my awakening … required dismantling all which is artificial or conditioned.  Is this for real? Help!  This is heavy.
These Tarot readings are a frequent activity I turn to for a bit of guidance and validation, however flimsy this oracle may seem to some.  I depend on it.  These images are universal archetypes represented throughout religions and spiritual practices and I vacillate between buying the message full heartedly and discounting it completely. This depends on my mood.
Am I delusional as I choose a card and keep it as an arrow to my day?  Woody Allen says   “we need some delusions to keep us going” and that “the people who successfully delude themselves seem happier than the people who can’t.”
So, I’ll continue with my Tarot and whatever else keeps me in my flow or at least in my delusion.

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