They say the recession is over. Is it?

I’ve definitely seen a pick up in spending in the store and I think people are less careful with their disposable income, and there seems to be a general feeling of optimism. We’re up in our sales.
Suna Lock
Santa Cruz | Business Owner


No. Not even close. I think it will take a new president and another six years.
Dean Bustichi
Scotts Valley | Mayor

It’s got two more years to go at least. I’m in the business of commercial real estate and I dont see anything happening. We have so many vacancies, there’s absolutely no money.
Slade Martin
Santa Cruz | Facilities Management


I think that people want to believe it’s over so they’re spending but it’s not really over. I think people are going to drive themselves further into debt.
Kellie Samson
Santa Cruz | Roller Skate Slanger

They keep saying that there’s no inflation but money isn’t worth what it used to be. You cannot buy or live on what you did before. I think it’s inflation and recession.
Michelle Hayward
Santa Cruz | Teacher

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