To drone or not to drone? Thoughts on the U.S. drone program.

lt barbaraI’m totally against the drones. I’m very pro Obama and that is one thing I strongly disagree [with] that he’s doing. It really upsets me and it upsets a lot of us. I admit I don’t know what conflict and war is all about, but just in my heart and the feeling of the randomness … I mean war is bad enough without having some unmanned thing up there blowing up kids and stuff.
Barbara P.
Soquel | Involuntarily Unemployed Pet Sitter

lt kimberly
I would say it’s a mixed bag. I see the upsides and downsides. The downside is that it’s easier to be more violent. You don’t have a kamikaze pilot up there. The upside is that we can be more in tune with what’s going on in the world, especially in our country with animal rights and things like that. There are two sides to every story and this is a two-sided one.
Kimberly Hand
Santa Cruz | Hairdresser

lt davidT

At Apple you can buy a drone for $300 and attach it to your own camera, so drones are easily accessible to anyone that wants to buy them now.
David Thierman
Santa Cruz | Career Counselor

lt davidA

Yes, if it keeps us from having to put in troops. There is enough intelligence on the ground to justify what they’re doing. It’s not like they’re using it to target citizens or civilians. Usually, it’s some militant group, and if it saves our guys, then absolutely. We’ve already got our third Vietnam going on, and I was in the first one, so, I’d like to see it stop. The New York Times just had a big article on drone use in the United States, and there are two thoughts on that. One is, if it’s gathering information that’s going to be a safety factor for the population or the people in the town, that’s a great idea. If it’s going to be used as another tool to spy, then that’s a bad idea.
David Alvarez
Capitola | Retired

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